A user-friendly suite of legal tech solutions

Visma Draftit has been a front figure in the Nordic legal tech area since 2004. We help you understand and apply laws and regulations to your organization by combining legislation with technology. Our platforms are easy to use and understand, giving you a solid support system to handle procedures in five specific legal areas.

Our products only supports you with compliance according to the laws in Sweden and Norway, and of course GDPR. 

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Legal areas



For many organisations, GDPR compliance is outside their realm of expertise – but this is where we excel. We provide you with tools and courses to help your organization stay safe and on top of the curve. Think of us as your guide through the data protection jungle.


HR and Payroll

All managers need to know the basics of labour law and other personnel associated regulations. Do your managers need to strengthen their competence in labour law? Check out our e-learning Swedish labour law for English-speaking managers


School Management

Our tool box helps you understand the law, handle everyday situations, and improve the environment in schools and pre-schools.


Social Services

Strengthen your ability to handle different cases in the social service sector. A digital support with guides and easy-to-follow processes making sure that both managers and administrators know when and how to act on an everyday basis. 


Document Templates 

Ever questioned if an employment contract or other document is up to date with the legislation? Welcome to our digital library with more than 900 updated documents and contract templates.

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