About the blog

About the blog

Welcome to Visma’s trainee blog

The blog is developed for students, and so that we can share what being an employee at Visma is all about. Feel free to write a comment on any of the blog posts and we will answer as fast as possible. The blog will write about different parts of the trainee life. As a management trainee you are assigned 5-6 projects each with a duration for two months.

  • Our projects and everyday life as a trainee
  • Visma: Visma in the world, what is going on.
  • Previous trainees and their new possitions in Visma
The blog is created by trainees for potential new trainees, we want to give you an insight in the everyday life of a Visma Trainee. We want to show the complex projects we have, and also all the fun expericences we get to take part in.
We have a wide variety of trainees, Swedes and Norwegians, and all sorts of different educational backgrounds. Some of us studied abroad and some studied in Scandinavia.
If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment here at the blog

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Best regards,
Trainees at Visma