Gløshaugen Career Fair and job application seminar

On Thursday I visited Gløshaugen, the scientific and technological campus at NTNU in Trondheim. As I was an engineering student there not four months ago, it felt strange (but very good) to arrive at campus again, this time wearing a suit and without sneakers. As Visma would like to see more students with technology backgrounds apply for the Trainee Program, I manned the Visma stand along with three guys from Visma Projects and Consulting. This was a good combination, as they could answer the very technical questions many IT-students had about working for Visma. I turned my attention towards the more business and leadership minded students, and told them about my experience from being a Management Trainee. While many of the IT-students were interested in the product development and project work, many of the students I spoke to also enjoyed hearing about Visma’s incredible acquisition frequency (an average of 1 acquisition every 2 months for the last 10 years). This was one of my own main motivations for applying, as it entails an organization in constant development, and a great number of exciting processes regarding finance, but also the integration of groups of people with different organizational cultures, of new products and portfolios and more.