Social Media Positioning

Yesterday I wrote about the differences in different social media. In my report I uncovered that some people (not too many) use social media as a way to market themselves as individuals with the goal to either obtain their first job or a new job. However most people that used social media strategically, were older people who already had a job. Why doesn’t more students use social media as a tool to get a job? I don’t have a good answer for that. I know I did, I used it as a way to get my name out and get connceted with different people in the industries I wanted to work in. In my master thesis I created a model for how to do this. I will post this model in a later blog entry.

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I will post the answer later this week!

We have created a group page on linkedIn where the goal is to create debates and discussions between students and employees in Visma. The first discussion is about social media. I hope you join us in the discussion (feel free to invite your friends, it’s an open group).

Have a great Wednesday!