Gløshaugen Career Fair and job application seminar

On Thursday I visited Gløshaugen, the scientific and technological campus at NTNU in Trondheim. As I was an engineering student there not four months ago, it felt strange (but very good) to arrive at campus again, this time wearing a suit and without sneakers. As Visma would like to see more students with technology backgrounds apply for the Trainee Program, I manned the Visma stand along with three guys from Visma Projects and Consulting. This was a good combination, as they could answer the very technical questions many IT-students had about working for Visma. I turned my attention towards the more business and leadership minded students, and told them about my experience from being a Management Trainee. While many of the IT-students were interested in the product development and project work, many of the students I spoke to also enjoyed hearing about Visma’s incredible acquisition frequency (an average of 1 acquisition every 2 months for the last 10 years). This was one of my own main motivations for applying, as it entails an organization in constant development, and a great number of exciting processes regarding finance, but also the integration of groups of people with different organizational cultures, of new products and portfolios and more.

 I also had the pleasure of talking to many students from the class below mine at the NTNU School of Entrepreneurship, and rounded the day off by holding a 1 hour seminar on successful job application for most of the 5th years. I thought I would share a tip for how to write a good CV in the blog. This is something that many Norwegians do poorly, as many do not like to brag.

In essence, you should strive to describe your previous jobs in terms of what you did, and what you achieved, as opposed to a generic description of that job.The example I used in the seminar can be found below, and contains two descriptions of the same job.


Good luck to everyone applying for jobs this fall!