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Visma International Services

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International payroll and accounting services

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Our services

At Visma International Services we are specialists in international business. Our experts offer skilled accounting services to our international clients looking for fast, efficient and professional payroll and accounting assistance.


We have a complete solution that includes everything from set-up services and the implementation of key systems through to the initiation of processes and routines for accounting and payroll administration.


At Visma International Services we have considerable experience in working with foreign companies and are well acquainted with their need for a secure, strategic and proactive partner. This is particularly the case when an international company starts operating in Sweden, a time when collaboration with us will simplify their financial administration and reporting in the country.



Our offer to you

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International payroll and accounting services
  • Help with establishment and registration
  • Accounting services and reporting
  • Payroll services and HR
  • Nordic solution
  • Statutory and annual reporting
  • Complete range of services for all departments/branches


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- our cloud-based client portal that simplifies your working day

Our own unique client portal, MyVisma, allows your company to retrieve reports, manage time reporting, process supplier invoices and communicate directly with your personal Visma consultant - all digitally, and at a time convenient for you.

MyVisma’s features include:
• A digital system for supplier invoices
• Online reporting and billing
• A time-reporting system
• Reporting of expenses and travel costs
• A solution that meets all sorts of requirements in      accordance with Swedish accounting and payroll laws

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French and Chinese Desks

Visma International Services has both a Chinese and a French department, where our clients can receive assistance with payroll and accounting services in Chinese, French or English. Our international team now reports to around twenty countries, and our consultants are fluent in just as many languages. Our systems can be integrated with a number of large financial accountancy systems in Sweden.

We have chosen to create a separate business area for international accountancy and payroll administration, to be able to support and consistently fulfil the need for fast reporting and high levels of competence in the payroll and accounting field. Everything is carried out in accordance with GAAP, IFRS and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX). 

Our clients

Visma International Services’ clients gain access to our large network of contacts, meaning they can establish themselves in Sweden swiftly and smoothly. To give the best possible service, we work together with organisations and companies outside our own business sphere.

Our consultants are experts in international entrepreneurship in Sweden and the Nordic countries. At Visma International Services, we have the capacity to run a company’s finance department, or parts of it.

For the utmost safety, security and control, we use our own systems, processes and programs.



International payroll and accounting services


Nordic solution

Our Nordic solution. Each of our clients gets their own personal contact, who in turn liaises with representatives in all of the Nordic countries. Our clients also gain access to a team of local consultants in each country, who are responsible for daily administration and who work in one and the same system to manage your company’s entire Nordic business.






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